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Sharif Azami

Senior Program Officer

I guide the Institute's work on democracy, which brings the transformative power of love to bear toward mending America�s deepest divides. This requires understanding complexity and nuance in transcending false cultural binaries that often divide us and articulating a vision for a pluralistic democracy that highlights the connection between spirituality and civic action. In my prior roles, I managed a portfolio of projects in the areas of democracy, faith and spirituality, and business ethics, and provided advisory support to Fetzer�s Ally Development efforts.

Being blessed to have lived in different cultures and worked with diverse organizations, I have developed a deep sense that human beings in general have very similar desires and aspirations, and that the differences that usually divide us are very insignificant and often illusionary. How we reinforce our common aspirations and humanity in a way that allows us to embrace each other without prejudice is a question we all need to explore.

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